IT Shoulders is a premier technology solutions company that prides itself in delivering the right solutions and reliable resources to suit your needs in a timely fashion. Our employees are equipped with the right expertise and experience that is rivaled only by our dedication and commitment to serve your needs.

IT Outsourcing

With IT Shoulders’ outsourcing and managed services for business processes and applications, organizations can focus on their core business.


Our recruiting process is at the heart of our business strategy. At IT Shoulders we understand that our consultants are our most important assets.

IT Applications

Building custom applications or software which integrate well with the enterprise architecture requires experience and skill.

Quality Assurance

As architects test the frontiers of technology and create solutions that drive business success, a crucial part of the solution delivery path is tested.

IT Shoulders envisions achieving a high level of IT excellence using innovative service models and
state of the art Project Management.

Our Solutions

In implementing Data Warehousing solutions one wrong decision could prove costly and seal an application's fate in terms of a future re-write.

Data Warehouse

Our architects pride themselves in choosing the right methodology...


Providing complex integrated architectural solutions using cutting...


Providing complex integrated architectural solutions using cutting edge...

Enterprise Platforms

IT Shoulders has specialized resources that can implement customized...


IT Shoulders has skilled resources that are highly experienced...


Banking and Finance

Banking and Financial Services market demands creativity, swift responses and a guaranteed delivery ethic. Our consultants and solution architects have extensive experience catering to similar challenges.

Insurance companies face themselves in the unenviable position of being under pressure due to a lot of factors. Internal Shareholders, Government Regulations, Industry consolidation, changing market situations and the need for constant transformation are all part of the factors.
IT Shoulders has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with Time-to-market challenges, Global information processing, Cost Effective Innovation and Transformation all hallmarks of a High Technology Business.
IT Shoulders has experience ensuring application compliance, implementing transparency rules, ensuring effectiveness of customer service, managing cost and increasing revenue. All of the aforementioned topics are hall marks of a government IT initiative and gives IT Shoulders an edge to satisfy the Information Technology needs of any government entity.
IT Shoulders can assist with enterprise wide technology / business transformation initiatives aimed at customer retention, strategic product space using shorter product cycles, adding a global dimension to IT and what not …
There are a number of unique challenges that characterizes the Health Care domain – managing research and delivery costs, compliance with industry standards and regulations etc., Our consultants have a wealth of experience assessing risks, keeping down costs and establishing mechanisms for adhering to HIPAA standards.
Globalization leading to overseas market segments and the need to deal with wider geographies in terms of catering to diverse market segments as well as dealing with supply chain logistics makes manufacturing one of the most demanding domains nowadays.



Our business philosophy revolves around a strong set of core-values, a broad understanding of its business domain and a dynamic business model that seamlessly adapts to changes in the business environment.

Mission Statement

  1. IT Shoulders keeps its employees and its clients at the pinnacle of its excellence.
  2. We have a sound recruiting and professional development strategy for building a strong workforce.
  3. We make a serious effort to truly understand the needs of our clients and are driven to satisfy them.
  4. We believe in a strong code of ethics that its leadership and employees shall follow and take pride in.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy revolves around a strong set of core-values, a broad understanding of its business domain and a dynamic business model that seamlessly adapts to changes in the business environment.

Strengths & Core Competencies

  • Long experience in the Information Technology domain.
  • A clear sense of purpose and vision.
  • Offshore capabilities in India.

Fast Facts

  • IT Shoulders is a fast growing company with highly experienced resources.
  • It is built around a strong Project Management team and a team of Solution Architects specializing in exclusive services.
  • Putting together the right team is very important for the success of any initiative. Today’s business problems demand unique solutions that provide a unique business advantage. Satisfying this is our philosophical vision.